What is Call Center Software?

The system enables businesses to manage and operate various communication routes like email, phone, live chat, SMS text, instant messaging, and social media. A business can use it as a part of customer support or help desk software with a ticketing feature that assists agents in responding to customer queries and resolving the issues instantly. It can help you in providing better customer care service. 

Modern businesses have many sources and types of communication that they can use to their own advantage. Call center software allows them to utilize all the latest technology under one roof.  

Nonetheless, call center software comes in many avatars and operations like call center monitors, auto-dialers, call analytics, call accounting solutions, CTI, predictive dialer, automatic call distributor, interactive voice response, etc. Also, it is crucial to know the unique features the call center software offers to your business. 

But what defines good call center software? There is numerous call center software available in the market. Some of them are suitable for inbound call centers, or others are for outbound call centers. Each call center software comes with different functions and serves a different purpose. 

So before choosing the right call center software for your business, you should make sure that the call management system you are going to deploy includes some of the must-have features listed down below.  

– ACD (automatic call distribution).

Automatic call distribution allows and ensures that all the calls are automatically routed to the right agent. It will reduce the waiting time of customers considerably. All the call centers must handle the customer calls systematically. When you establish the cloud-based call center solution, you will be able to easily customize the sequence or criteria of routing customer calls. You can also modify it relying upon the call volume or customer requirements. You can route the calls by location-based routing, performance-based routing, least occupied routing, routing calls to the idle system, and so forth.

– Call recording.

The call recording feature will record all your incoming and outgoing calls. It is crucial to monitor the call quality as it allows you to keep an eye on your agents’ productivity from a distance. Call recording assists you in training new agents and sets the benchmark for call quality. Also, if any dispute comes to the surface between an agent and customer, call recording can help you address the issue easily with proof.

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– Live call transferring.

This feature will allow agents to transfer calls from their cell phones to another agent without aborting or disconnecting the call. Suppose, if the agent cannot address the issue, he will have to transfer the call to someone senior from another department without disconnecting the customer call. It would help to minimize the waiting time of the customer while making the customer experience better. 

– Analytical reports. 

Analytical reports will show the call volume of the working days, peak hours, the number of calls missed and received, new and returning callers, traffic coming from different regions, and other various insights. Analytical reports are useful while making schedules for agents, staff decisions, and assessing the performance of teams, individual agents, departments, and the call center as a whole. 

– Power dialers.

It will not take more than a few seconds while dialing the phone number manually. Nonetheless, when you consider that outbound call center agents make hundreds of calls each week, these few minutes can make a huge difference. 

The power dialer dials stored phone numbers from the chosen list automatically. Once the current call ends, a new call can be made. Other functions might differ depending on the product. Power dialer recognizes phone numbers on a website automatically. Also, it enables you to dial the phone number four times faster and can make up to eighty calls within an hour. It would minimize the manual work and save invaluable hours of dialing your agents.

– CRM integrations.

Your software would allow your team to work better, faster, and more efficiently. It would be only possible when your tools can converse with each other. From now on, call center software can seamlessly integrate with your help desks and CRMs.

If it does not work, companies should either replace providers or patch together solutions that hamper their workflows. From correcting the mistakes to re-training employees, these concessions can cost a lot of time for the companies. Therefore, having a resilient but simple integration can enhance and improve team performance.  

– Desktop notifications.

CTIs are capable of opening new avenues of working. But working in the call center also means that you will have to ensure that you do not miss any calls. 

To ensure this, most of the call center software provides the option of pop-up notifications on your desktop. This way, you will be notified when you receive a call or when the call is transferred to you. 

– CTI (computer telephony integration).

It is crucial to get rid of the tools that cost time to you and your team. To work productively and efficiently, your software must not work slowly. Many of the call center software uses a CTI that allows them to connect to the functions of their phone with their computer. With the help of CTI, you can easily and instantly turn your computer into a virtual call center. 

– Skill-based routing. 

It is one of the must-have features for any call center software. With the help of automatic call routing, you can save time and resources for your business. Many software allows you to connect your IVR (interactive voice response) to call routing and distribution. With this set-up, the caller can offer various options until they are associated with the most helpful agent.


Attaining your goals and KPIs is within your reach if you can ensure that your agents are persistently offering a great customer experience. Ensure that the contact center solution you choose supports you in growing the business. If your selected contact center software provides all the features mentioned earlier, your business will thrive efficiently.

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