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Inbound Services

Your 800 number. Your chat support button. Your email and social media interactions. All critical touch points where your customer experiences...

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Outbound Services

We have over 15 years of experience helping clients in a wide range of industries structure their outbound programs for success.

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Office Services

Our proven expertise in customer service, technical support and sales increases brand loyalty, revenue and business performance for clients across the globe.

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Global Empire Corporation is the industry leader in call center outsourcing services.

Global Empire Corporation is a cutting-edge leader in the contact service vertical. We handle some of the most recognizable names in business today. We offer reliability, high security, and unsurpassed cost savings to our clients. At Global Empire Corporation, we are working to exceed your expectations day in and day out. After purchasing products or services, often the only interactions customers have with a company is with their customer service agents. Customers reach out when they have a problem and need some assistance. Ensuring that very first touch is a good experience and inspires brand loyalty for our clients is what Global Empire Corporation does best. In today’s competitive landscape it is the customer experience (CX) that keeps your business top-of-mind with customers. Great customer service results in increased sales, customer referrals, positive ratings, and ultimately an increase in your bottom line. This is why companies trust Global Empire Corporation to consistently provide reliable service 24/7, 365/days.

Our highest priority is always your success. It's our personal mission to work with our clients to help them grow their businesses. Creating a professional first impression will establish a positive vision of your brand which will build customer loyalty and maximize your revenues. Global Empire Corporation not only excels at delivering a quality customer experience, but we know the importance of brand allegiance and advocacy in a crowded, competitive marketplace. Trust us to deliver services at the most competitive prices. We can provide solutions that only the largest centers can, and we will do it at a price that will make your shareholders or partners euphoric. We hire and train our personnel to protect and promote our clients' brands throughout their customers' lifecycle. They are the front line for our clients. Our delivery platforms onshore, near shore, at home and offshore allow us to offer a variety of pricing options and integrated service solutions. Everyone Matters at Global Empire Corporation!

Our entire staff welcomes you to browse our website and examine for yourself the benefits of working with Global Empire Corporation. We are sure you will agree, Global Empire Corporation should be your next contact center service provider.

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