Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Retail customer support is about creating seamless experiences that demonstrate to the consumer that you care about them for the transaction and their satisfaction with their purchase. Customers value their time - whether they want help before or after the transaction, they expect it to be simple, efficient, and painless.

Fact: A multichannel shopper’s order is often 3-4 times larger than the average single channel shopper’s order. This means that these key customers account for an even larger portion of your revenue!

Fact: It is projected that by 2021 more than 230 million people will be shopping online. (Source: Statista)

Global Empire Corporation is a major retail customer service management company for online and brick-and-mortar retailers of all sizes, providing outstanding customized solutions:

  • Inbound/outbound customer support
  • Order taking
  • Upselling
  • Refunds/returns
  • Customer disputes
  • Customer retention.

We also provide marketing and sales services to complement your current efforts, including:

  • Customer profitability
  • Consumer analytics and spend analysis reporting
  • Trade promotion planning and management
  • Pricing management
  • Market trend reporting
  • Advanced analytics

Whether you own a conventional brick-and-mortar business, an online retailer, or a hybrid of the two, providing outstanding support services has always been and will always be critical to your success. If you want to develop loyalty and repeat customers, your customer service strategy should be prompt, thorough, and kind. By providing live customer support to your consumers, you may differentiate your brand from rivals and enhance earnings.

Global Empire Retail Managed Services Offerings

Order Processing

Our retail customer support services can handle anything from directly inputting orders into your online shop to storing client orders in our database for later processing and fulfillment.

Uninterrupted customer service 

If your business is entirely online, you are open if everyone can access your website. Leverage our retail customer service management available 24 hours a day to answer inquiries and help consumers through the purchase process.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

If your e-commerce system has up-selling or cross-selling capabilities, our retail customer service agents can traverse the checkout process and give callers the extra goods. We can automate up-sells and cross-sells as we navigate your campaign if we're handling retail orders on our end.

Adhering to your brand identity

We will create a program to effectively represent your company, whether you are a little store selling one or two things or a major retail powerhouse with a massive catalog. Our retail service management experts guarantee that your brand's tone and personality are maintained throughout the customer's lifecycle.

Today, more than ever, consumers are shopping online and connecting with companies in novel ways, facilitated by mobile social media and the internet. Attracting your clients' attention with targeted multichannel relationship development techniques is simply one aspect of optimizing your digital presence.

Managing Your Brand Across All Channels

 – With Personalized Experiences

Customers shop across many channels, including live or virtual transactions, in person, on the phone or via email and chatbots. They want an immersive and personalized experience and deal with friendly, knowledgeable agents with relevant and accurate product information who can guide them through even the most complex interaction. 

Our outstanding retail customer training protocols ensure our agents represent your brand in a seamless, professional way while recognizing opportunities for upselling, cross-selling and more.

Talk to us about our retail solutions to enhance your customer service, including:

  • Internet and Website Support
  • Membership Support
  • Orders and credit card processing
  • Product information
  • Refunds and disputes
  • Customer retentions
  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) support
  • Shipping

Whether you are located or how small or big your retail company is, you can count on Global Empire Corporation for cohesive retail customer support that works wonders for you. 

"One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising."