Content Moderation Solutions

Blending the Real-Time Content Analysis with the Precision of Automation

Content Moderation

Our team of content moderators keeps your customers, clients, and communities safe 24/7 with expert content moderation. Our team of experienced content moderators and advanced automation processes scan blogs, apps, forums, chat rooms, social media networks, images, and more for content that could put your brand at risk if not captured and managed quickly and efficiently.

Utilize content moderation solutions to verify that every communication in the digital realm is appropriate to your brand and adheres to your company's rules or policies. We have a team that moderates material in real-time to safeguard your brand's image and goodwill.

Companies that manage content have their work cut out for them. Even with advanced technologies, censors have the difficult job of navigating questionable material. Global Empire Corporation is a reputable provider of efficient content moderation services that demonstrates care for our customers and our employees. Get us on board to ensure that your online users always have a secure and pleasant experience.

Lower your brand's risk and prevent PR crisis with the Global Empire Content Moderation affordable solution.

  • Boost community engagement campaigns
  • Moderate and manage social media commenting and sentiments
  • Analyze customer sentiments and trends
  • Promote positive brand awareness
  • Increase lead conversions
  • Gain market insights through data analysis
  • Multilingual and culturally sensitive moderation team
  • Moderate social media, videos, apps, and more.

Our Range of Content Moderation and Monitoring Services

Social Media Monitoring

Our content moderation solutions personally review and regulate all user-generated material on your different social media sites, ensuring that your followers may interact freely in a pleasant social media environment.

Comment Moderation

You may outsource content moderation to us and have us check every remark made to your site or forum before they are authorized and published. We adhere to the rigorous criteria established by you to guarantee that only the most relevant material is included in your site.

Image Moderation

You can be certain that when you use our image moderation solutions, our team of moderators will examine every picture to guarantee both quality and consistency with your standards.

Product Review Moderation

To gain consumer engagement, eCommerce companies utilize product review pages to solicit user input. Customers are given complete freedom in how they react to a product, regardless of the website's ability to change that. The website, however, has discretion over what reviews to include on its website. You should be aware that it is necessary to keep bad language and other unacceptable material from the product evaluation. Natural Language Processing capabilities of AI guarantee and filter this.

Video Moderation

Octopus Tech's video moderation services can monitor thousands of user-generated films daily, categorizing them appropriately and rejecting those that violate pre-set standards.

Online News Monitoring Services

We provide online news monitoring to assist businesses in managing their brand reputation by making them understand business and technological trends, predictions, opportunities, and threats.

Broadcast services: Examines broadcast material on radio and television to determine and monitor the success of general or campaigns over a certain period.

Analysis and Insights: Our Insight service is concerned with the evaluation and grading of media content, which includes print, online, and broadcast media, using predefined criteria to assess our clients' customers' performance.

Our clients are in every industry including:

  • Finance
  • Health and wellness
  • Telecom
  • Social Media
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Technology

What makes our content moderators world-class?

Our moderators are a group of very competent individuals who do more than search for inappropriate language and pictures. Our moderators are trained to interpret and identify potentially contentious topics that may affect your company. We provide moderation in several countries and are sensitive to and respectful of cultural differences while keeping a neutral stance to always reflect your company’s requirements.

“Plan for the worst while striving for the best. Your customer service reputation
may have the ability to weather any storm!”