Office Support Services

Office Support Services

Global Empire Support Solutions has offered services to businesses just like yours for over 20 years. Our outstanding record and experience in contact center and business process outsourcing is second to none and our reputation stands for itself. We have achieved the highest levels of industry credentials and take government regulations and compliance issues seriously, ensuring all our programs meet or exceed all necessary requirements.

We operate over 10,000 seats across the Americas and Asia, helping companies that range from small to large to multinational, provide end-to-end customer service solutions.

Award Winning Business Services

Global Empire Support Solutions has won top awards and honors for our business process outsourcing and back office services which further validates our leadership position in the contact center and BPO industries.

Our back office solutions supplement standard voice programs and provide your customers with additional service options. From data entry to business reply card processing to collections and data management and more, we are ready to help out with our customized award-winning process and proven best practices.

Why Outsource Your Business Processes?

Brand care extends beyond the services that take place with your customer. In fact, it is the behind the scenes business services that are integral to the successful operation of your business. Efficient and effective data and document processing makes certain that all of the customer data that goes into making a great customer experience is entered accurately and timely, while preserving the privacy of your customer information with secure storage.

From elementary to mission critical

Global Empire has the enviable record of speed and accuracy which means we can meet the most demanding deadlines and criteria put before us.

Our services function as a valuable brand management tool, enabling our team to analyze customer service levels and protect your brand reputation. In addition, Global Empire offers several back office services to help your business gain greater operational efficiencies while servicing your customers.

Some of our services include:

Accounts Receivable management

Let our team ensure that your customers are paying their invoices, preventing overdue payments or non-payments, to protect your cash flow.

Accounts payable management

Following best practices, our experienced professionals will manage the timing and flow of your cash and your credit.

Application processing

Our thorough team will vet and manage applications to your business in a timely manner.

Bank reconciliation

Our qualified and skilled professionals will ensure that your accounting is reconciled to keep your finances balanced and up to date.

Billing inquiries/account adjustments

Your customer accounts, billing, and invoice inquiries will be handled quickly and correctly in order to help your customers have the best experience.


Need help with your accounting? Our bookkeepers can help you keep your checks and balances in order.

Chat/email/social media

Want to use social media chat tools to talk to service and support your customers? Our team is available to offer your customers 24/7 service in multiple languages.

Claims processing

We can help your team check claim requests for accurate information, validation, justification and authenticity for insurance cases.


Need to follow up on money owed? Our skilled collection notice team can contact customers with past-due notices to help collect monies owed.

Complaint and issue resolution

Whether through email or on the phone, your customers want to be heard. Our complaint resolution experts are on the job to help with conflict resolution and customer retention.

Content management

Whether your content is in a database or on your website, our content management team will ensure your files are managed efficiently, accurately, and on time.

Customer surveys

Take the time to take the temperature of your customer base with a customer survey. We will personally call your customers or create an email campaign to collect their feedback on anything you need to know regarding your business and their expectations.

Data conversion

Upgrading your system? What will happen to your old files? Our technical team will help you convert your data and preserve the integrity of your files.

Data entry

FAST, FAST, FAST and accurate. Need we say more? Outsource your data entry to the professionals.

Document routing

Our team will manage your documents and safely route them to the appropriate points for appropriate actions, processing or storage, quickly and correctly.

Financial statement preparation

Bring in the experts from Global Empire to accurately prepare your financial statements any time of the year.

Fraud monitoring and management

Whether its banking or online digital assets, our experienced experts will keep an eye on what’s important to you, so you can sleep at night.

Monitoring chat rooms, message boards, blogs and internet violation reports

Find out what people are saying about what’s important to you. Whether it’s your company, your products, or your competition, we’ll keep an eye out for you!

Order management

Make sure your orders are being fulfilled properly.

Order verification and confirmation

Have our team verify the most important step of your selling process. Confirm payments and order processing fast and easy.

Password reset/appeals

Whether it is your app or your system or database, our team will ensure your security and safety by verifying password resets and appeals for new passwords on orphan accounts.

Payments and refunds

Our skilled representatives will process payments and refunds on products and services offered through your company. Hire our team and free up your time for more important parts of your business.

Product inquiries

What better than to have a real person to answer customer inquiries about products and services provided by your company? Increase your leads, your sales and your revenue with our help.

Returns/requests for maintenance

Relieve customer frustrations by having a skilled representative process returns and maintenance requests. Save the sale, improve customer retention and manage your reputation with outstanding service provided by Global Empire.


Have our team quickly transcribe important meetings, conference notes, speaker notes, interviews and more. Fast turnaround time and accuracy guaranteed.

Warranty management

If your product or service has a warranty you need warranty management services to track, process and manage claims and warranties throughout their lifestyle with you.

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”