Fraud Prevention &
Cyber Security

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Fraud Prevention & Cyber Security

There is heavy use of computers and the internet amongst customers and businesses for everything from retail and communication to banking and bill payment. While the advantages of quicker and more accessible "cyber" services are obvious, many bank clients may be unfamiliar with the methods for avoiding online fraud and theft.

Financial organizations confront greater security risks than ever before due to new banking technology and the move toward more open and fast banking. As the frequency, complexity, and intensity of cyber-attacks continue to rise, resulting in sometimes devastating financial and reputational harm, it's time to take a deeper look at online fraud detection by hiring fraud prevention services.

By reviewing your security measures and taking the necessary steps to strengthen defenses, you can ensure the safety of your assets, customers, and company.

In today's digital environment, protecting your brand and your consumers' privacy is essential, and therefore you need fraud management services. Global Empire Corporation offers companies and organizations of all sizes proactive prevention and detection solutions.

  • Prevent fraud proactively
  • Security and prevention audits
  • Community and employee compliance
  • Fraud detection and escalation
  • 24/7 on-the-job human and technology based
  • Real-time monitoring

Not all threats are apparent. Indeed, hackers and scammers are more cunning than ever. Our staff can provide online fraud detection by identifying concealed dangers and possibly fraudulent actions. Fraud management helps quickly escalate the issues to your team for further action. Our real-time fraud surveillance by knowledgeable professionals safeguards your business from account takeovers and minimizes chargebacks.

Your Go-To Fraud Detection Center for the Modern-Day Businesses

Whether a bank employee routes funds to a personal account, a criminal organization takes over a corporation's infrastructure, or customers' personal health information is stolen from a healthcare professional, cybersecurity is a significant issue for every sector.

Customer fraud detection is a need of an hour as assaults are becoming more sophisticated and their economic effect. Conventional security technologies such as intrusion detection system ids and log analyzers cannot protect against these attacks.

Fighting Management Solutions

As with the methods used by fraudsters, efforts to security measures must change with time by adopting fraud prevention solutions.

Next-gen credit card fraud solutions

AML (anti-money laundering) procedures at financial institutions may be improved and made more efficient using robotics, semantic analysis, and artificial intelligence.

Digital Fraud Prevention

There are both possibilities and dangers associated with digitalization. Discover what big data and analytics can do to lower digital fraud and understand how the latest technologies offer better fraud control.

Online Fraud Prevention Solutions

Move beyond the frauds by hiring online fraud solutions that are no longer sufficient. We provide anti-fraud protection solutions with an enterprise-wide approach to a secure organization.

Shut down the insurance application fraud

As fraudsters get more sophisticated in their electronic deception, our fraud detection solution ensures insurers stay up and defeat them at their own game via analytics and artificial intelligence.

Peace of Mind with Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention Services

Insurers face increasing issues with agents and customers manipulating their systems. In response to advances in criminal methods, insurers use analytics and AI to track, thwart, and punish cybercriminals.

  • Moderating user and customer created content
  • Moderating social media for mentions
  • Preventing online credit card theft
  • Account security
  • Detecting password and account reactivation post fraud
  • Reducing chargebacks
  • Mediation and appeal processing between parties

Our contact centers are trained in the latest fraud protection, and content moderation techniques and are ready to defend your brand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your objectives may include fraud detection, regulatory compliance, or security. With the rise in popularity of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the next era of technologies is the automation of manual procedures involving integrating big data sets and using behavioral analytics as a part of robust fraud management.

Enhanced Supervised Learning

When it comes to automated machine learning algorithms, it's important to consider what kinds of things investigators may wish to highlight.

Unsupervised Education

Unsupervised machine learning evaluates and analyzes fraud detection. It is used to identify novel abnormalities and interesting patterns.

Social Fraud Prevention

Network analysis is critical for identifying routes, linkages, and hubs that show patterns and interest in social groups.

Textual Analysis

Through search, content classification, and entity extraction, text analytics can offer fraud control by detecting expressions of individuals, times, businesses, and monetary values.

Multi-Industry Transactional Fraud Detection

Today's industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals to deal with deceptive practices, impeding companies' capacity to fulfill changing IT security requirements. Numerous companies employ fraud management solutions to compensate for the lack of the necessary skills for analyzing and identifying sophisticated frauds during a cyber-attack.

At Global Empire Corporation, we have experienced employees conducting independent checks/audits to exacerbate digital fraud prevention. Organizations are having difficulty recruiting competent and experienced personnel to manage their system security in the case of fraud, posing a significant constraint on fraud prevention services.

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