Contact Center Software

Contact Center Software

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Contact center software works to drive effectiveness and competence in customer interactions between their customer multiple touchpoints. It is a business technology that enables companies to manage many calls and other queries connected to customer support, debt collection, and sales activities.

Businesses can use various technologies and apps to streamline interactions among agents and consumers, thus increasing contact center efficiency and ensuring clients get the support they need. The call center software comes with an automatic call distributor (ACD), which routes incoming calls and other inbound multichannel types such as email, webchat, instant messenger, SMS, and social media to an agent-based on actual statistics. The best part about our contact center services is that it is highly customized with an ability to route calls targeting the agent skills and a variety of other conditional criteria. Get the robust call center software services preloaded with the predictive dialer to initiate outbound calls or send a proactive email or SMS alerts.

Global Empire's Contact Center Software offers enterprise-grade security with scalable customer engagement through call center management software. We provide scalable and customized cloud-based contact center software solutions no matter the size of your contact centre. This is the software hub for the phone center.

Scalable, Customer-Centric Call Center Software Solutions for Today's Businesses

Traditionally, contact centers were only required to provide customer service over the phone. Contact centers are needed to handle far more than phone calls in the modern day. Additionally, customers want help on your site, social media platforms, and mobile application. And therefore, your business needs to go beyond the basic phone system and leverage cloud call center software to reply in real-time via your consumers' preferred channels.

Check out our cloud call center software with all the necessary features to take on competitive businesses. We are a cloud call center solution provider with a knack for helping companies leverage inbound and outgoing communications. It ranges from call routing and interactive voice response to an email, chat, social media, messaging, screen sharing, self-service choices, workforce optimization, analytics, and simple methods to link your other business systems.

By delivering the best in client experiences, you may boost the effectiveness of your customer interaction tactics. With cutting-edge tools and our customer call center software, businesses, and organizations of all sizes, from small enterprises to major corporations and government agencies, may interact with consumers and give the greatest possible experience with your brand.

Contact center management software enables companies to operate a consumer contact center. Whether as part of a conventional exclusive telephone-based call center or a multichannel call centre, contact center operations allows incoming queueing and routing outgoing contacting computer system integration and management tools.

  • Increase customer acquisition rates
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Upsell and cross sell
  • Increase customer retention
  • Boost digital channel adoption rates
  • Reduce customer interaction times

Crafting an exceptional Customer Journey

We are an experienced team of call center solution providers; we assist you in guiding your consumers through the greatest customer journey with the help of contact center services. It offers to leverage real-time data and engaging feedback during the whole process. The synergies created by our years of customer-centricity and our contact center software integration allow for exceptional customer experience, as well as excellent customer management.

Full-Scale Call Center Management System

Give a meaningful direction to customer-agent interactions with Global Empire's feature-rich contact center software solution for incoming, outbound, or mixed campaigns that includes effective call routing, real-time monitoring, bulk outbound dialling, and contact center key performance indicator reports.

Enterprise-Level Security Assurance

We are dedicated to safeguarding your personal information and data. We adhere to the standards and best practices established by International Security Frameworks such as PCI-DSS to guarantee enterprise-grade security.

Seamless Deployment

Get the best call center software that provides you with a range of call center deployment choices, right from cloud contact centers to on-premises or hybrid configurations. Utilize Global Empire's adaptable and controlling factors for contact center software to establish a contact center that meets your specific needs.

Unified Agent Desktop

Monitor and optimize your customer service teams' efficiency. Create custom role-based dashboards or select from various practice insights to keep an eye on agent activity with our tailored call center software.

Distinctive Platform Features

Improve service insights and dependability by connecting data across CRM and back-office systems offered by a range of call center platforms while maintaining industry-leading security, scalability, and adaptability.

Top-Notch Configurations

Leverage our contact center solutions that offer quality custom integration tools suited for your business requirements by customizing the agent console without relying on other third-party apps or connections.

Performance Driven Results in The Workplace

Many contact center solutions help incorporate additional features to develop communication channels and the customers that embrace them. Get our contact center software that works as call center solutions as a part of omnichannel strategy comprising cobbled-together point solutions.

By blending our call recording and monitoring systems with our established performance and productivity optimizing programs. Avail best call center software solutions to help improve staff management that can improve success margins.

Global Empire's contact center solutions aim to drive automated and live interactions for your call center. The performance of your team is key to the longevity of your business and improve customer experience.

We strive to provide a consistent experience across all channels and touchpoints with our hosted call center solutions while also providing customized, convenient, and powerful experiences. Increase operational efficiency and compliance with critical regulations by using sophisticated routing and dialling technologies that provide unique service to consumers.

More call centre software features

  • Automated Routing
  • Cloud Security
  • Integrations and Apps
  • Automated Routing
  • Co-browse and Screen Share
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Voicebots
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Outbound
  • Voice Services
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Messaging
  • Workforce Engagement Management
  • Inbound
  • All capabilities
  • Auto Dialer
  • Call-Quality-Monitoring
  • Call Reporting & Dashboards
  • Call Recording
  • Automation Rules

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