Secure Client Portal

Secure Client Portal

Access to your data when and how you need it.

Global Empire Corporation gives you the power to generate on-demand reports when and how you need them. We provide a comprehensive set of information to help you run your programs better and more efficiently, giving you more insight into your customer support than ever before. Whether you want to listen to a particular type of customer call, find customer proof-of-enrollment, or want to see your lead generation going up in real time, our web-based client portal unlocks the information you need.

Our Difference: Our clients have access to reporting and data whenever and however they need it 24/7.

  • No asking for reports
  • No waiting for reports
  • No paying extra for reports
  • No getting reports in formats that don’t make sense

Our unique reporting tools allow you to generate on-demand reports based on your specifications. You can do this and more with our secure client portal whenever and where ever you are.

Your Client Portal Benefits:


gain detailed access, at a granular level (e.g. by agent or time of day) or aggregated on a time-series trend that you define.


your program management team has access to valuable information needed for making important program decisions and campaign changes.


we allow your team to access and aggregate information across a variety of areas in order to gain a more holistic view of your ongoing programs.


we understand that your customer contact programs involve your clients and prospects, so you should have full access to that information whenever you need it.


we ensure that all client information is secure and kept private so only you and your team get access to the information, including customer information, at any time.

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