Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

When every minute matters, your customers count on you for action-oriented support. Global Empire Corporation knows that your utility customers always need fast, responsive, accurate, and truly helpful service, both day and night.

Global Empire Corporation is a full-service contact center services provider with significant expertise in the residential, industrial, and commercial energy and utilities sectors. Delivering top-tier customer answering services, our experienced agents answer billing questions, monthly process payments, arrange start and stop services, offer energy rebate information, and assist appliance repair programs. 

Our energy & power customer care contact centers are updated with the best technology to manage outage requests, assist urgent dispatching, 

address common technical problems and establish efficient self-service IVR systems.

Our utility customer solutions use smart data analytics combined with world-class customer service to help your business:

  • Predict customer demands
  • Manage spikes in customer service needs
  • Optimize your network processes
  • Manage customers from an Omnichannel approach

From water, gas, electricity, and alternative energy sectors, we offer advanced customer care solutions to customers around the globe 24/7. In addition, our experience in customer service and front end, as well as back-office services, helps us create and manage the most robust suite of service component solutions for your industry, including:

Credit Management

  • Collection and reminder calls
  • Payment arrangements

Customer Management

  • Bill calculations and bill inquiries
  • Fee reversals
  • Balance inquiries
  • Rates explanation and updated billing cycles

Customer Acquisition

  • Gas connection processing
  • Electricity connection processing
  • Water connection processing
  • Cleaning and removal referrals
  • Insurance referrals

How Global Empire can work best for your energy customer services

  • Over 15 years of strategic relationships 
  • Experience with leading utility providers across countries
  • Driving optimal cost optimization compared to industry standards
  • Customer retention pivoting the intelligence 
  • Effective training and development tailored for industry leaders

Quality customer experience

Utilize insight-driven ways to develop, target, and manage new interactive energy experiences for the intelligent customer and retail growth.

Customer empowerment via digital technology

Create cohesive energy experiences for customers over their lifetime and across several channels, including online marketing, sales, and customer support.

Digital intelligence

Our customer services for energy and utilities provide end-to-end digital services for customer support, billing, sales, marketing, and field client capabilities.

Connected energy services

We blend in the expertise in customer engagement with networked technology and energy-efficient solutions to provide next-generation customer experiences and value.

Global Empire Corporation is a leader in partnering with companies to provide the best customer service processes and operational performance strategies while helping you reduce customer churn.

“Customers who are merely satisfied remain your customers only as long as everything goes their way.”