A great customer care service correlates to the growth of an enterprise. The better the customer service, the higher growth the enterprise witnesses. The department drives the major part of the customer relationship as it is the first point of contact at every step of purchase followed by post-purchase stages.

This makes a person wonder if customer service is that great for a business. To tell you the truth, customer service is the core of every business that exists today. A business that took the process for granted either faded away or is struggling to make a sale. It contributes majorly to marketing activities as well. This comes as a surprise but it is very much relevant for every type of industry.

Value Of Customer Service

There are many traditional statements to justify the importance served by the customer service process. In this article, we will try to review some non-traditional statements.

Makes Your Reputation

We live in a world where digital platforms rule our real lives. Users like to share every second of their lives on a platform of their choice. Sadly, negative experiences are shared more frequently.

Times are now changing with companies offering a great customer experience through their support services. Something that is working in their favor is customers sharing the same on the internet. eCommerce companies outsource eCommerce customer support service to ensure that a customer goes through a seamless buying experience.

Customer service builds reputation by establishing a direct connection with customers through every social media channel. You can send a message about your issue and it will surely be resolved within the specified time frame.

Saves Money

The process adds value to the company by saving a lot of money. It is a well-proven fact that a company has to spend more money to acquire a customer than to retain the customer.

The bottom line shines when the company retains the majority of its customers. All a company has to do is provide great customer service. A company may begin experiencing some issues with the software services of a company. The company is more likely to switch to another software developer in case the issue is not resolved. However, this company can be retained by probably troubleshooting the issue from the backend.

Every customer that is retained poses a great chance of referring to another business in future. This reduces the overall cost of customer acquisition.

Collects Feedback

Product development is a delicate task undertaken by a company. The teams that are usually involved are the development team and the designing team along with many testers. Their perspective, however, can be narrower than expected.

Customers offer a fresh perspective over every aspect of the business and its products or services. The technical team may be thinking dedicatedly about specifications while ignoring how important convenience is to the customers. This is the reason why automobile companies often hire usual drivers to test their vehicles.

The point widely applies to the phase where a company is running a test launch. Candidates, even at this stage, connect with the customer service department to share the feedback. This feedback is mostly dealt with based on the reports generated by CX Analytics software.

A Marketing Tool

Among many ways to market its products and services, companies choose to go with customer service on various occasions. Here’s how.

Keeps An Eye

It is a little-known secret that responding to online reviews is a part of customer service. Having said that, the secret is now out and it has made its way into your mind. You are welcome!

The task is undertaken by a business process outsourcing company that handles the customer service department of the company. Additionally, it remains on the lookout for new trends that are making rounds on the internet. This helps a company to design its marketing campaign to connect with its customers and potential customers.

The trend can be inclined towards being dramatic due to the release of the most-hyped movie. A company can leverage this if the customer service department shares the details with it.

Sets Customer’s Expectations

The marketing department likes to seek everyone’s attention immediately after it releases a promotion in the market. The common is offering huge discounts to the customers.

This can mislead the entire market if there is no clarity about who is eligible for the discount. Such discounts are introduced to get new customers and hence they do not apply to exist customers. The customer service department can set this expectation straight by explaining the details of the offer.

The same can be said during the pre-purchase stage when a customer surveys to buy a new product. For instance, a customer may want to buy a laptop to play high-graphic games. He or she may end up making a wrong choice if not guided correctly by the customer service department.

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Promotes New Products

The customer service department can pitch for new products. A company offering a combination of services say, internet, TV, and phone can always ask a customer to try the new internet plan that it has launched in the market.

This method works best with the launch at the initial level, where companies seek feedback before proceeding with the mega launch. Customers who participate ask a lot of questions about the products. This gives the company ideas about what queries they need to consider before scaling the product in the market.

The customer service department also gets the idea about how far the new product or service goes in the market based on what customers say about it.

Final Words

All of this sounds fancy except for the fact that a lot goes on behind the curtain. It is a difficult task to serve every customer. However, it can be facilitated by tools like Ticketing System, Automated Responses, and Live Chat, to name a few.

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