Sales and marketing teams of a company explore the option of outbound sales to grow in the market. It works well provided all the aspects are duly followed. The conversion of leads to sales can take several phone calls. Yet, it is one of the best ways to pitch a product to the customers.

The ability to target the customer of one’s choice is a factor that makes an outbound sale process widely acceptable. Everything depends on how a campaign is handled. A calling campaign that is fueled by the passion of the sales and marketing team witnesses better results as compared to the competitors.


Despite the teams being passionate, it takes the assistance of a set of highly successful outbound sales techniques to make everything work in favor of the company.

Here are 5 highly successful outbound sales techniques.

Plan Outreach

Inbound Sale is hailed purely because the customer approaches the company to buy a product. Outbound Sale has been demeaned on a few occasions because it has been considered to be the synonym of cold calling.

Let’s put an end to that thought right now. The outbound sale is about targeting the potential customer and sharing the important details about the products. This is different from cold calling, something that we hate ourselves. The outbound sale has a wide scope. Since it is the company that contacts the customer, planning the outreach is a much better option.

This gives clarity to the representative about the purpose of every call. Planning also includes preparing a flexible script for the representatives. Keep it open, enough for the representatives to improvise for different types of customers.

Syndicate Your Content

To break this into simpler terms, it is all about delivering the right content to the right customer. Pitching a product requires the representative to share as many details as possible.

Every customer has different priorities. For example, the price may be valued by some customers but not by others. Some customers value quality more than the price tag. A car that offers a sitting capacity of 5 people at the highest price range will still be preferred by the customers who fall under the second category.

The representative should be aware of what kind of content must be delivered to every customer. The price factor may only be required to be highlighted in front of the customers who value the price tag more than anything else. Consider this as a part of an ad campaign that is targeted differently.

Have Sufficient Leads

Numbers and characters can only be made up in a fictional story. The real world requires a company to have verified leads. The fact that the company approaches the customers makes this point more important.

Every call is an opportunity; however, it may not be converted into sales. It takes several calls to finally crack that one sale a company has been waiting for a long time. The outbound sales services, therefore, must go around collecting as many leads as possible. Getting in touch with a third-party provider is a valid option that can be considered.

The customers leave their contact details as well. This happens when a company has an appealing website with a unique call to action statement at relevant places. Such customers are easy targets with higher chances of conversion.

Access LinkedIn Frequently

There is a huge difference between stalking a profile and reviewing it for business purposes. The thin line remains visible to the person who wishes to see it.

LinkedIn can always be accessed to make an outbound sale. This is primarily applicable to managers at the top level of management. Companies that function in the B2B sector use LinkedIn to promote their products and services. All the connections made on the platform are literally the potential customers. People connect on LinkedIn only if they are interested in your profile.

The best part is that the company connects with the person who is the ultimate decision-maker of the company. Many automation tools of LinkedIn make it easier to expand the network. Some include sending a customized introductory or follow-up message and sending connection requests to appropriate users of the platform.

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Set And Reward

The traditional approach never fades away in the corporate world. The younger generation ignores it in the end only to incorporate a better version of it in the latter days.

Setting a target for the outbound sales team is one such traditional method that is far from fading away. A company can set a target for the representatives that they must achieve in the prescribed time. Upon completion, they may be rewarded with incentives. Some companies go to an extent of giving monthly bonuses if the customers exceed their outbound sales target.

Both are at par with serving the similar benefit of achieving higher outbound sales results. Customers feel motivated to reach that point. They love the idea of adding more money to their bank accounts after achieving a target.

Final Words

All the highly successful outbound sales techniques ultimately come down to three things: Decide, Target, and Achieve. Every point mentioned above, or other points that you can think about, will fit precisely in any of these three categories.

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