When customers visit a physical store, they will be welcomed by friendly store staff who can assist them as they shop. Face-to-face interactions aren’t possible with eCommerce, but that doesn’t imply online enterprises should ignore customer care. eCommerce businesses must ensure better customer eCommerce services.

It might be difficult to find the correct tools to help you create, manage, and expand your eCommerce customer care staff. Luckily, these technologies will help your customer service team in offering first-rate service to your customers. It can improve your ratings and potentially increase referrals and total sales.

Here are some eCommerce customer support service tools that can help you provide better customer service for your eCommerce business.


RingCentral is a platform for communication networks. It’s a viable option for businesses trying to improve their omnichannel services. The firm’s approach integrates many channels. Phones, best video conferencing for small businesses, instant messaging, and more are among them. All of this is done through a single interface.

In addition, the company’s applications and tools have several third-party connectors. As a result, they can function in tandem with other solutions. This includes, for example, numerous order management and CRM systems.

All of your consumer data and insights are thus freely available throughout your organisation. This is an important aspect of providing seamless consumer experiences. 


Tidio is a live chat service provider. The company’s live chat options are simple to implement into an eCommerce website. Furthermore, chatbot technology is used to assist and augment them.

A Tidio live chat solution can assist you in reducing response times. Customers may communicate directly with customer support personnel when they are online. At other times, the AI-powered bot can offer answers to frequent queries. Alternatively, it might direct people to your knowledge base.

Knowledge base.

By offering extensive answers to a wide range of frequent queries, a knowledge base helps potential clients to make educated purchases. Self-service minimises support volume and improves customer satisfaction after they make a purchase.


LiveChat is a company that specialises in providing online customer assistance software. It includes features like online chat, web analytics, and a support desk. It might help you in attaining new heights in online customer care services.

Hundreds of different apps may be linked to the online chat solution. Customers’ IM channels and the CRM or order management software can be employed. As a result, LiveChat may complement your omnichannel customer care approach. It is the key eCommerce customer service to help your online business.

Support widget.

A support widget is a tiny tab you can add to your website to allow clients real-time access to your knowledge base or support staff. Customers may access support on any page of your website due to widgets. There’s no need to scroll to discover a link to a FAQ. Alternatively, look for a ‘contact us’ form on the site. This little bubble delivers a powerful CX.

Rating and review platform.

This tool blurs the lines between customer support and marketing. However, if you’re running a small eCommerce shop, the same individual will likely be in charge of customer support and reviews.

Use a dedicated platform to send review request emails to satisfied customers, watch community Q&As, and tailor review questions to learn more about CX. You’ll want to keep an eye on these inbox evaluations and reply to consumers. As a result, it’s advisable to invest in such a tool.

Email marketing software.

This tool will help you decide how customer service can turn into a successful marketing tool. This is technically a marketing tool, as the name indicates. However, eCommerce customer support representatives should be able to utilise email marketing tools for their purposes.

Send out alerts regarding shipment delays or inventory changes in advance. Alternatively, link this tool to your helpdesk so you may modify a customer’s subscription status without leaving your email. By reducing context switching between your marketing programme and your customer support software, you’ll save hours on your productivity.

Saving and storage.

File-sharing programmes like Google Drive or Dropbox should be in your toolbox. For early-stage eCommerce enterprises, they’re simple to implement. Furthermore, by selecting a versatile file storage platform today, you’ll ensure that the service cloud can scale with your organisation.

Keep the customer marketing letters here for customer support, store photos for how-to manuals, or build folders with previous product SKUs for reference. You’ll guarantee that every team member can access these tools to assist clients by storing everything in one easily accessible platform.


Deciding on the best customer services for eCommerce companies boils down to your company’s ultimate goals. It’s crucial to note that you don’t have to select just one, and most of these tools provide a ‘try before you purchase’ option, allowing your staff to test the waters without committing.

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