Customer Care Solutions

Customer Care Service

Your company may be offering your customers outstanding customer service, but what are you doing to show you CARE about your customers? If there is one thing that Global Empire understands, customers need to know they are valued, heard, and recognized. This is what customer care service is all about.

Get the customer support services that provide your customers with the opportunity to reach out to someone to resolve issues they might have with your products, services, or policies. Customer service representatives assist in resolving these issues by offering advice or assistance in a variety of other ways to help them.

On the other hand, customer care is a vital part of your company that should not be overlooked. It is about the way your brand provides extra value to your customers to help them have the very best experience with your company, your products, and your services.

Every Customer Care Interaction Matters

Our friendly customer service call center is available to help your company maintain a healthy and consistent outreach to your customers to ensure they are always having the best experience possible by:

  • Providing proactive interactions with customers
  • Revisiting current customers to inquiry about their experiences
  • Offer service or product upgrades and add-ons, thereby increasing sales
  • Increase customer retention, loyalty and recurring revenue for your business

Our customer care support services are designed to move you and your brand ahead of the competition and create true brand ambassadors – loyal customers who share their enthusiasm for your products and services with others.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques are proven to help:

  • Improve response times
  • Increase order values
  • Develop loyalty programs
  • Maximize revenue and profit

About Our Customer Care Support Professionals

At Global Empire Corporation, we take our time vetting and hiring only the most professional and exceptional team members. Each uses their resourcefulness to resolve customer issues promptly and lay the foundation for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. As a client, you benefit from using the customer care services in the following manner -

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced brand loyalty
  • Improved positive reputation and reviews on review sites
  • The potential for additional revenue
  • Insightful analytics on customer interactions
  • Reduced costs thanks to our care and sales programs
  • Increased revenue
  • Outstanding customer experiences

Quality Assurance in Customer Care Services Starts with Global Empire Agents

Quality assurance is more than just monitoring and listening; it is about having the very best agents on the phone who know your products and services as well as you do and have mastered quality guidelines demanded by their project. Our agents’ progress is measured using internal metrics to ensure that our agent continues to grow within the vertical and provides you with the outstanding service you have come to expect from us.

Fact: Automated workflow and embedded analytics provided by Global Empire Corporation reduce manual work 60-80%

Our Quality Assurance agents follow and implement the Six Sigma principles of:

Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control.

With our state-of-the-art call monitoring technology, we don’t just listen to our agents; we whisper to agents without the customer knowing or hearing; a perfect CSAT is an easy thing for us to do! In addition, our customer care services agents can capture and record both audio conversations and screen navigations which allows our management team to study the causes of problems live and in real-time. Our system displays and monitors every agent, allowing our management team and quality assurance specialists to take appropriate action for improving call handling methods.

A positive experience with your brand means an increase in business and repeat business.Whether we are answering a question, taking an order, processing a return or exchange, or solving a problem of any kind, we always make sure your customers feel respected, serviced, and cared for and that we meet or exceed their expectations for the interaction every time.

If your company does not have a customer care process with IVR in place, now is the time to reach out to Global Empire so our team of experts can help create the best strategy for your needs.

Brand Care in Today’s Customer-Centric Environment

Customers have power – the power to make or break your brand just by sharing their experience with thousands of potential customers. Social media influencers and loyal brand advocates are well known to help companies see unusual spikes in sales and engagement because of these high-profile individuals with their fingers on the pulse of today’s buying culture.

At Global Empire Corporation, our people, culture, and process combined with our technology all support the goal of turning your customers from satisfied to loyal to advocates for your brand.

We call our agents Brand Care Specialists for that reason. They know that their highest priority each day is to take care of your brand image and represent your company to your customers. Our agents not only immerse themselves in your brand guidelines, but they also gain hands-on knowledge by using your products so we can speak to the customers from an exact point of experience and truth.

Working With Our Agents

Our team prides itself on our outstanding communication skills – both with your customers and with you directly. Your Global Empire Corporation account manager works directly with you to identify opportunities for your business and manages the agents on your account to keep all processes running smoothly, keep you informed of how things are going, and keep everyone on the same page.

Not all agents are suited for all accounts. Using our proprietary recruiting, training, and management processes, we ensure that the best agents are working and representing the right brand in the right way.

Our dedicated trainers and customized training programs prepare our Brand Care Specialists to speak to your brand and meet your specified satisfaction metrics.

The Technology Behind Our Customer Care

One of the key differentiators we are proud of here at Global Empire Corporation is our flexible technology. We can integrate with your existing platforms or build the operations workflow on our patented platform and still incorporate your business rules.

Our customer care IVR platform includes tools that allow agents to view callers’ web history on ordering sites, enabling them to provide the best service to customers who may be having trouble with your website. Our implementation team will work with you to specify business objectives, quality metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and more. Our web-based reporting measures any aspect of our service you want to monitor, including:

  • Customers wait times
  • Average call length
  • Abandonment rates
  • Conversion rates
  • and more.

This real-time data can also be integrated into your existing reporting infrastructure.

“When handling complaints, speed is of the essence.
The faster you react, the easier it will be to resolve”