Global Empire Corporation is an international leader specializing in mortgages, real estate, call center, publishing, travel and insurance. With offices around the world, Global Empire Corporation has a team of over 1000 associates to accommodate it's clients needs from anywhere in the world. We offer a broad spectrum of products, everything from offering publishing services that include newspapers, magazines, phone books, flyers, catalogues, directories, news magazines, calenders novels and many more. Our mortgage services also offer professional associates that specialize in looking at your preapproval, fixed and variable mortgage rates, and our current rates let you know where you stand when looking either for a residential or commercial property. Plus we have a online application that makes applying for a mortgage easy and hassle free when looking for your new house, and our mortgage calculator will help you front and center when wanting to determine how much you can afford. Our range of international reach with our call centers is second to none. Our associates offer a professional service that goes beyond industry standards. They are standing by whether your calls are inbound or outbound, also for those who are not comfortable with actual phone calls, we offer support in chat, email and social media. Adding on to these great services, we are your one stop shop for real estate, we have a comprehensive list of all listings in and around North America, and we make it a breeze for you, whether your looking at selling or buying. We offer properties that are residential, acreage, commercial, industrial, property management, farm and ranch. We will soon be launching our travel and insurance sectors as well.